Does India really need a 'Satyamev Jayate' to see all the “Satya” around them??

Sunday, 29 July 2012 4 Comments

This has been grabbing my attention for quite some time now, and I couldn’t resist myself from writing this blog. “Satyamev Jayate", the most talked about show in the country these days. When I say ‘Satyamev Jayate’, the echoes you’ll hear back is : Great!!, Awesome, Impacting,  Creating Awareness, Its’s about facing reality, Good  show , Great effort  blah blah… It’s the hot topic in the colleges, amongst the women in kitty parties, office cafeterias. When women discuss this, their heart really comes out and you could clearly see that they are completely connected to the other people’s sufferings. When discussed in Offices, this becomes a heated discussion, the youth feels sad about it. All of a sudden everybody has become so sensitive about the issues which persisted since ages. In metro cities this has become a custom to talk about it, to tweet about it, to put up as a Facebook status. I just fail to understand what suddenly made people so concerned about the loopholes of the society. Is it the stardom attached to the show? Like when Aamir will say then only we’ll come to know that the dowry system still exists in the country or how we are polluting Yamuna and Ganga. Where were we when Sunita Narain was shouting at the top of her voice, why it went unheard? Is it so that there was no Aamir or Shahrukh saying it. It’s really sad to see how things are patronized in our country.

Different people have different take on this. For some it’s about awareness, God only knows what kind of awareness is this when you know that something wrong is happening around you and you are just aware about it. How does it really matter, if we are not acting upon it? Let’s say through the show now the ‘Aware’ India knows that few of the medicines sold in the market at very high price are originally extremely low in cost, so have we stopped buying medicines or have we taken any action towards it. Leave apart this, people are not even bothered to collect the bills for the medicines they have bought. Or for that matter, how many of us have stopped polluting the city by not throwing ‘Kachara’ here and there on streets or public places. This is something which should come from within and one should keep his/her eyes and ears open so that he/she can act more responsibly towards their surroundings.

For others it was about an increase in knowledge. Wait !!!!! Increase in knowledge, is it a historical fact like ‘The first battle of Panipat took place in the year 1526’, that needs to be remembered and kept in our heads for the rest of our lives for a historical reference. Weird , it is, to memorize the ills of the society without acting upon it and the saddest part is the solution to every problem is discussion.
The issues brought up by the shows are not alien to us or something we were completely unaware of, be it female foeticide or child abuse etc, they all have their roots intact in the system since long time. The problem is everybody is seeing everything, but chooses to turn their heads around. But now as the show has come up suddenly everyone has their eyes and ears open. I can’t understand when a celebrity is associated to a cause then only people feel attached to the cause, then only all the donations starts pouring in, what about the people who have dedicated half the years of their life working for this. The irony is, if you fast in the centre of the capital with all the media attention, you have people and politicians, both pleading you to end the fast, but if a person who sacrificed his whole life  for a cause and  fasts for seventy three days without any media coverage,…….he dies. That is what an impact of being a celebrity in this country is.

The only point I wanted to make is, bring some action into the picture instead of discussing and trending it on twitter . One should decide for oneself what he feels about the society and what needs to be done, rather than following what a celebrity thinks about the cause.


  1. its a good one. the show is good to make people aware but tweeting it and updating posts on facebook aren't the things which are required afterwads.

  2. talking abt it is the first step to take an action until and unless v discuss no actions are expected

    1. that's what the whole post is about, that merely discussing won't help in eliminating the problem, but taking some action would

  3. I understand your pain and anguish but people are complicated or they make themselves to be.Until a celebrities endorses a cause, no one cares. Atleast the issues are being discussed, that my dear, is the first step to action.If these serious issues through these shows will not be raised from time to time, i asure you, we as a society will not even accept it.It should be reminded to people from time to time so that it remains in their head.ACTION COMES AFTER THIS....which sadly will take a much longer time, as it involves risking your life, reputation, money and much more.Which is very tough.I hope you got the point.